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DCD LaserWorx is not only a signage and corporate branding company...we also love to create beautiful gifts and toys.


Several of our toys have an educational component - helping children to learn while they have fun. We also like to focus on toys that are locally made and plastic-free, thereby promoting community business and items that are environmentally-friendly .  


We have a range of toys and puzzles to choose from but if you have an idea or a special request, get in touch...we particularly enjoy collaborating with teachers, educators and moms (and dads :-)) to create educational tools for specific purposes, including occupational therapy and teaching concepts to disabled students. 

My School Suitcase is our pride and joy. It is designed, created and crafted by DCD LaserWorx in Knysna, South Africa. It is a custom-built concept, based on a blend of educational and learning principles, aimed at keeping little ones busy in a creative and multi-facetted interactive mannner. 

Contents include:

  • Suitcase with multiple compartments

  • Seven stacking boxes in different colours and depicting numbers 1-7

  • Threading tool

  • Twelve round wooden discs (6 red / 6 blue)

  • Five shape matching puzzles

  • Ten rectangular number tokens (0-9)

  • Double-sided blackboard, including two line-tracing patterns

  • Chalk & duster

  • Cut out letters of your child’s name 

  • Chalkboard name tag on lid for child to personalise his / her suitcase

My School Suitcase is aimed at toddlers between 12 and 60 months. The Suitcase and its contents are aimed at stimulating young hands and minds - to help develop early learning skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity...and to learn while having fun. Areas of development include language, math, sensorial and practical life. There are several add-on options to My School Suitcase. These include ‘My Colours’ and ‘My Numbers’, as well as ‘Memory & Matching’. Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of these to increase the learning potential of your School Suitcase.

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