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First, THINK......     Second, DREAM.....     Third, BELIEVE.....      And finally, DARE!

(Walt Disney)


From a simple word for signage purposes or a decorative cut out quote to tell your story, laser cutting is a tool that can create beauty from mere text!


All of us have those words that are special to us..those sentences that mean so much to us and remind us of all that is good with the world! And they can be presented in multiple ways - as cut outs or engraves. Add to that the fact that our machine can cut words or letters to the size of 800  mm by 1000 mm and the options become vast!


Choose from our selection of words or quotes listed in our online shop, or if you have a word or a quote that you want created in a specific way, we will be happy to take your ideas and turn them into art!

Contact us with your ideas and we will create something specifically for you. Quotes and design discussions are FREE!

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